Learning from Motherhood: Yoga and Me

This article was first printed in Yoga Vidya, Summer 2010: Being a Householder; Doing Yoga. – Ed.

Two weeks after the birth of my first child, I lay in supported Savasana. This had always been my preparatory pose for Pranayama, and one I did more for formality than for the pose itself. But on this occasion, I paused in amazement as I felt my organs move back to what, presumably, were their former places. It was the first time I felt the effect of the pose so dramatically and profoundly, and I was grateful and humbled by the gift of yoga in my life.

A Ride down Bumble Bee Lane

I remember riding my bike with little Billy Waters on my handlebars down Bumble Bee Lane, my childhood street in Westport, Connecticut.  The next day my family would be moving to Germany for two years. I was eleven years old. I knew instinctively that I was not going to come back to the same place.  And I was right. Billy’s father died and his family moved away. I returned to 7th grade and in a town like Westport, childhood was quickly left behind, expendable at the first hint of puberty.

Move On by Staying

Yoganusasanam - Geeta Iyengar’s Intensive, Dec. 3, 2014

Just for Today

I have been asked by this publication to describe how my yoga practice has evolved over time.  I find myself scared, honored, and unsure of what to say. I guess the best thing to do is to acknowledge that after almost 40 years, my practice has become a fundamental part of who I am.  It is something I show up in each day, and adjust to accommodate the texture of that day. 

How I found Iyengar Yoga

I had only done three months of yoga at UCLA before I found and converted to Iyengar yoga. The yoga classes at UCLA offer a wide variety of yoga blend and vinyasa styles. There was one teacher I really enjoyed and she incorporated a lot of tai chai into her classes.