Marla Apt

Marla Apt's Intensive

Marla Apt travels a lot! Across the globe, Iyengar yoga students have been touched by her teachings and want more. They have been willing to travel to Los Angeles, book a hotel, rent a car, and follow her around town to her different classes and weekend workshops. "I wanted to be able to offer more for those students who travel to Los Angeles for a limited period of time only to have to drive around the city for drop-in classes rather than attending a cohesive, progressive program," says Marla. Even her LA students, who are unable leave town for retreats or extended workshops because of family and work obligations, wanted an opportunity to study in a more condensed format.

Yoga Therapeutics and Research

In medicine, the general attitude toward yoga and CAM is at best skeptical, with continuing reliance on drugs and surgery, and the attitude that yoga as a treatment may not meet the standards of "Evidence-Based Medicine." It not clear how often physicians refer patients to yoga therapy, probably not much. If asked by a patient they may sometimes but otherwise are likely to advise that yoga is counterindicated for their condition.

How Iyengar Teachers are Made

The Iyengar Yoga tradition has a prominent reputation for developing well-trained teachers of high integrity. What does it take to become a certified Iyengar teacher? What is the process like?