Diana Clifton, the Godmother of Iyengar Yoga in Southern California, dies at 95

Diana Clifton holds a special place in the history of the Los Angeles Iyengar Yoga community. It was her workshop in 1977 that made the scattered local practitioners realize that they needed to get organized. They then formed the B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga Association of Southern California.

The Genesis of the Newsletter

I began writing the newsletter as a way to talk about what was going on at the Institute. What classes were coming up, who got their certification. I don’t even remember the reason I started the writings.  I started musing on different subjects. … I wanted people to be invested in the place, to treat it as their homes, to treat it as a sacred place.  So when that wasn’t happening, I would get a little preachy in my tone, even though I am a preacher’s daughter. But I would be like, hey everybody, that’s what we are supposed to do together. That was the genesis of the newsletter.


"One who is firmly and completely established in Yoga"

Stephen King, the author of a book, "On writing" says, "If you want to understand any person, look into yourself. Dig into your life that has gone by. Look for deep-rooted essence of him in your life. Clean up the soil around the roots and you will realise that the character you are trying to look for outside is actually a substance within yourself.

Blast from the Past

This video was made for Mr Iyengar when he came to Los Angeles in his Light on Life Tour in 2005. See yourself, your friends and your teachers when we were all 10 years younger!

"B.K.S. Iyengar’s Ingenious Use of Props" an Interview with Manouso Manos

"Well, none of us is confused about the fact that we’re all in a state of decay.  We’re aging.  The ravages of that age will take their toll on us.  You understand that you fight for your own health and that you do not let the injury, or the aggravation, or the accident prevent you from trying to lead the fullest life that you possibly can.  We don’t pretend for a moment that we can cure everything.  But we do suggest to people that we have tools that might allow them to start to do some of the things that might first seem to be quite limiting."

Yoga: The Art of Transformation

Upon entering the first gallery, the viewer is presented with the first of a multifolio series of paintings from "Stories of the Naths." Done in opaque watercolor, gold, and tin alloy on paper, they were composed and illustrated in 1823.

Journey of Self with Yoga Master B.K.S. Iyengar

Jennifer Edwards reports on a talk by Manouso Manos given in conjunction with the exhibit Yoga: The Art of Transformation