The Genesis of the Newsletter

IYILA Newsletter, 1999 (pdf)

I began writing the newsletter as a way to talk about what was going on at the Institute. What classes were coming up, who got their certification. I don’t even remember the reason I started the writings. I started musing on different subjects. There were times when I thought, why do people come in here? They are here to do yoga, which is different from going to the gym. We are here because we want to raise our consciousness; we want to become more aware. We use our bodies as a vehicle, but really we want to become more aware of our world.

IYILA Newsletter, 2000 (pdf)

I wanted people to be invested in the place, to treat it as their homes, to treat it as a sacred place.  So when that wasn’t happening, I would get a little preachy in my tone, even though I am a preacher’s daughter. But I would be like, hey everybody, that’s what we are supposed to do together. That was the genesis of the newsletter.

Leslie Peters served as Director of IYILA from 1993 - 2004.  Certified in 1995, she lives and teaches in Los Angeles.